Refurbishment and upgrading


  • Project: METRO TMB SERIES 1000
  • Fleet: Twenty-four 5-car metro units.
  • Segment: Metro
  • Structure Mc-M-R-M-Mc
  • Customer TMB, Spain
  • Scope of refurbishment:
    • - Complete repair of the carbody, bogie and couplers
    • - New Interior Design. Floors, seats, hand grips, etc.
    • - Saloon air conditioning.
    • - Modification of the roof structure, installation of equipment and conduits.
    • - Repair of door equipment and mounting of new exterior door leaves.
    • - Installation of a new converter and auxiliary compressor.
    • - Distinctive livery paintwork.

MC:motor car with cab M:motor car without cab R:trailer car PR:trailer car with automatic piloting.