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CAF to build 17 Mexico City Metro trains for 182 million euros

CAF is to build 17 complete trains, each with nine coaches, of the 45 that make up the fleet contracted in the international tender held by Mexico City Metro.

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CAF opens the Railway Technology Centre

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CAF will take part in the 4th EurailSpeed Congress

The exhibition will take place at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos-Campo de las Naciones in Madrid from 23rd to 25th October.

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CAF held its General Shareholders’ Meeting in Beasain

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Design of the first, life size VIRTUAL TRAIN

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Noiseless wheels developed by CAF

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CAF will exhibit at APTA’S ANNUAL MEETING & EXPO’02

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CAF is to extend its industrial activities in the U.S.A.

CAF plans to extend its industrial activities in the U.S.A

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CAF increased its orderbook by 53% to 1,256 million at the end of 2001

The turnover was 386.85 million euros in 2001, 5% more than the previous year.

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