Workers at a test laboratory


As this is a clean, high-capacity transport system, railways are expected to form the backbone of future mobility concepts, offering passengers completely comfortable journeys, where different means of transport can be easily combined.

CAF responds to passenger and operator requirements by developing technologies designed to improve comfort, accessibility, operational reliability and reduce the impact on the infrastructure.

Alternative traction


Modelling and simulation techniques and improved solutions for:

  • Optimal dynamic performance.
  • Thermal comfort.
  • Minimal noise and vibrations inside and outside the train.
  • New train architecture and accessibility solutions.

Bicicleta entrando al tren


  • Wheel/rail interaction problems solutions: rail corrugation wear, noise emission, etc.
  • Implementation of track-friendly solutions: low weight, low unladen weight, improved guidance, etc.
Bicicleta entrando al tren


  • Developing transport as a service and intermodality.
  • Identifying technological requirements.


The main transport system equipment has an increasing number of features. HW development must respond to this increase in features by increasing the performance of new components. Accordingly, the electronic systems are increasingly complex so the appropriate selection of components, integration, design and industrialisation of new electronics is essential. These new designs must maintain and increase the safety and reliability of the new products.

  • Electronics and software for security applications.
  • Deployment of cybersecurity.
  • Simulations of electromagnetic emissions and interferences (EMC) and definition of optimum solutions to guarantee train immunity and passenger safety.
  • Simulation methodologies and solutions to ensure Mechanical safety (dynamic and aerodynamic stability and structural safety).

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