Variable gauge bogie


Variable gauge bogie

Brava the self-propelled Universal Variable Gauge System developed by CAF allows rail vehicles to adapt to any track gauge whilst running, and in just 3 seconds.This new variable gauge system developed by CAF can be applied to any type of train, regardless of its origin and technology.Simply by replacing old bogies with BRAVA ones, trains can automatically adapt to different gauges and run at speeds of up to 290 km/h.

The BRAVA system has successfully passed the UIC gauge (AVE) track tests.

How does the BRAVA work?

The BRAVA Universal System comprises two wheel sets that can be pre-set to shift sideways over a non-rotating axle body.

While the train is running, the action of a double safety device prevents the wheels from moving sideways. This device can only be disabled automatically, at the gauge changer stations.

The wheels are separated by means of a blocking-unblocking device, automatically activated during the gauge change process.



The BRAVA Universal System has many advantages because it is:

  • Safe and comparable to other high-responsibility components: to develop this advanced system, CAF has used the latest calculation, simulation and testing techniques.
  • Reliable and available in accordance with the most demanding railway standards: in designing this system, we have followed the recommendations of European standard EN 50126 and the American standard MIL-STD-882C, in order to integrate safety management into the entire design process.
  • Indistinctly applicable to either concentrated or distributed traction systems, diesel or electric, for all kinds of trailers.
  • Compatible with the wide range of vehicles and technologies on the market: Intercity, Regional and tilting trains, passenger cars...
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