Civity range

The flexibility of the Civity family, each train can be tailored to meet the requirements of each infrastructure and country, based on the same basic train.

Whilst the standard version has an international gauge, optionally Civity can be supplied with a Russian gauge, making it the ideal solution for the Baltic countries. Furthermore, the research into climatic conditions has led to the design of a version of the Civity specifically for the Nordic countries.


CAF seeks to meet the specific needs of each and every market. With this aim in mind, it has standardised the Civity solution for the English market. With the same features and XX, Civity UK complies with the requirements of the British rail transport authorities, whilst always offering users the ultimate in comfort.


This is a version designed to operate in extreme temperatures. Whilst Civity Nordic is fitted with the same equipment as the standard version of Civity, this has all been adapted to withstand extremely cold weather conditions.


In order to meet the specific transport needs of each operator, other variants of the Civity have been developed to carry more passengers.


The more saturated regional and commuter lines require fleets of trains with higher passenger carrying capacities. The Civity Duo is CAF's double-decker solution which, thanks to its 2 floors, offers higher carrying capacity.

Its 2+2 or 2+3 seat configuration considerably increases passenger capacity, making customer operations more efficient and profitable. Furthermore, users can enjoy the ultimate in comfort with spacious seats and good external visibility.


Using the same train concept as a basis, the Civity XL cars are larger, allowing higher passenger capacity per car. In this case, the bogies are not shared. CIVITY XL is also modular, whilst maintaining the same equipment and concept of flexibility.