High passenger capacity, high level of comfort

OARIS is a modular solution with the possibility of 4 to 8 car configurations, offering customers a fleet of trains that is suitable for mass passenger transit.

Its interior design, personalised to suit the needs of each customer, provides an exceptional service to end users, who are offered an innovative platform equipped with the very latest innovations in comfort and safety.


Oaris incorporates specific technology for complete interoperability between tracks of different gauges, signalling systems and electric power.

Modularity / Design Flexibility

Oaris is synonymous with outstanding interior flexibility and comfort. This flexibility makes it possible to offer customer-specific solutions.

On the one hand, it is possible to vary the configurations with regard to the number of cars, and there is also the possibility of having 2 or 4 doors in the intermediate cars.

Furthermore, Oaris can offer a wide range of interior design possibilities. These trains can include cafeteria areas, of varying lengths, different aisles between the seats, different luggage modules based on the number of places on the train, a variable number of toilets and PRM areas, amongst others.


Oaris features the very latest technology with regard to dynamics, aerodynamics and noise, in answer to the sustainability requirements on lower energy consumption and fewer CO2 emissions. In addition to energy efficiency, maximum passenger comfort is guaranteed by minimising interior and exterior noise levels.