This family of trams is a modular solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of each and every city and operator. With this aim in mind, the Urbos range contemplates the following versions: Urbos 100, Urbos 70, Urbos AXL and Urbos TT.

  • Modular, flexible design: a choice of body ends, colours, etc.
  • Versatile and adaptable: in order to cater for different passenger flows.
  • Flexible configuration: 3 to 9 cars, to adapt to the passenger demand of each specific city. The customer can also define the number of doors and their precise location on the side of each car.
  • Variable width: different widths of 2,300 mm, 2,400 mm or 2,650 mm.
  • Customised interior design: customers are offered the possibility of customising much of the tram interior, according to particular preferences, such as seat models and colours.
  • Multi-purpose module: which can be used as either a seating area, with an in-line or face-to-face layout; a PRM area; for prams, pushchairs and bikes; a luggage module; or an area with flip-up seats.
  • Uni or bi-directional trams: to suit each operator's specific infrastructure.

Urbos 100

With its 100% low floor in the entire passenger saloon, the Urbos 100 is a solution that guarantees ease of access for all types of passengers. The Urbos comprises 5-car sets on 3 bogies, although 3-car up to 9-car versions are also available.

3 cars: Total capacity*: 129

tren urbos 100 con 3 coches

5 cars: Total capacity*: 221

tren urbos 100 con 5 coches

7 cars: Total capacity*: 306

tren urbos 100 con 7 coches

9 cars: Total capacity*: 397

tren urbos 100 con 9 coches

Urbos 70

The Urbos 70 solution is based on a 3-car tram articulated on 3 bogies, with the intermediate area of the passenger saloon being low floor (70% of the entire length of the unit). It also permits units of 5 and 7 cars. The unit is accessed in the low floor central area.

3 cars: Total capacity*: 162

tren urbos 70 con 3 coches

5 cars: Total capacity*: 251

tren urbos 70 con 5 coches

7 cars: Total capacity*: 339

tren urbos 70 con 7 coches

Urbos AXL

Urbos AXL is a 70% - 100% low-floor tram solution, with the capacity to transport a large number of passengers. URBOS AXL offers the possibility of configurations with a varying number of cars, whilst complying with the principal standards and regulations on accessibility.

These trams are fitted with rail axles on their bogies, allowing for relative rotation between the carbody and bogie on the central module, this facilitates curve negotiation and increases the maximum operating speed.

3 cars: Total capacity*: 187

tren urbos AXL con 3 coches

4 cars: Total capacity*: 256

tren urbos AXL con 4 coches


Linking the suburban areas to the city centre.

The Urbos TT solution is specifically designed to optimize the connections between the city and outskirts. This tram-train provides tram services within the city and commuter services to connect the city with the nearby towns and villages.

Thanks to systems of this type, the customer can take advantage of the existing railway infrastructure, offering passengers a fast, punctual means of transport with direct connections between the city centre and remoter areas.

Urbos LRV

Articulated units are a solution that is widely used by traditional tram operators, particularly in the North American market. These vehicles comprise 2 articulated cars supported by 3 bogies. The Urbos LRV made by CAF are present in cities throughout the world, providing an efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly service.

* Total passenger capacity (seated and standing) for a tram with a width of 2,650 mm, calculating 4 standing passengers/m². Variable according to the interior layout