In 2004, CAF was awarded a tender for 15 Metro Units for the Société des transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB). These trains consist of 6 cars connected by unobstructed gangways for optimized passenger distribution across the units. Each unit can carry up to 1,200 passengers with two zones designed for persons with reduced mobility.

In addition, driver cabs are fitted with a central driver desk, designed to be driven by a single driver.

In 2009, the Belgian operator awarded CAF an order for 6 trains. The whole fleet supplied by CAF operates on Line 2 of the Brussels Metro.

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Technical data sheet

  • CompositionMc-T-M-M-T-Mc
  • Train length (mm): 94000
  • Total Passenger Capacity 1,276 (8p/m2)
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 80
  • Equipment
    • PMR ramps on 4 doors
    • GF type couplers
    • Event recorder
    • SIV-CCTV
    • Front and interior destination indicators.
    • Heating and ventilation in sallon and HVAC in cabKCV