In 2010, Sistema de Transporte Colectivo (STC), the organisation responsible for running the metro system in Mexico City, awarded CAF a contract to supply 30 trains of 7 carriages each, with steel wheels, for Line 12. This new line, 26 kilometres long, connects up the east and west of the city and has 21 stations covering seven districts across Mexico City. The trains to be supplied are designed to have large open areas and to offer the users the feeling of more space and comfort.

These trains started to be delivered in 2012 and CAF is responsible for all their maintenance. It is expected that line 12 will transport half a million passengers a day.

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Technical data sheet

  • CompositionTc-M-M-M-M-M-Tc
  • Train length (mm): 140,270
  • Total Passenger Capacity 1,471 (6p/m2)
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 90
  • Equipment
    • Vehicle control and monitoring system (COSMOS)
    • Protection and automatic driving ATP-ATO system
    • Passenger information system
    • Video entertainment system
    • Video surveillance system (CCTV)
    • Unobstructed gangway between cars
    • TETRA radiotelephony equipment
    • Train recorder and wifi broadcasting of the records
    • Saloon ventilation system
    • Cab ventilation system
    • Electrically operated car/sidewall/Passenger Access doors
    • Electrically operated Cab Access doors
    • Cab access electric locks