CAF will supply the new LRVs which will run on Boston city's Green Line. Managed by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, this system will replace part of the LRV fleet currently running on the line.

These new CAF units are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing prime performance and first-rate passenger comfort. The LRVs will be built at CAF’s premises in Elmira, in the State of New York.

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Technical data sheet

  • CompositionMc-T-Mc
  • Train length (mm): 21.946
  • Total Passenger Capacity 221 (8p/m2)
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 85,5
  • Equipment
    • Passenger saloon HVAC
    • Audio-visual passenger information
    • Events recorder (black box)
    • Control and monitoring system
    • On-board passenger counting system
    • Video surveillance (inside and outside)
    • Communications equipment (train-earth data transmission)