In 2006 CAF supplied three trams for Tranvá Velez, in the province of Malaga. This is a 100% low floor tram made up of 5 articulated car bodies. It is international gauge and bidirectional with two driver cabs. These trams are based on the URBOS solution developed by CAF for urban transport.

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Technical data sheet

  • CompositionSteel
  • Train length (mm): 31.260
  • Total Passenger Capacity 280 (6p/m2)
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 70
  • Equipment
    • Air conditioning: saloon
    • Cab air conditioning
    • Station Announcer: Optical and audio
    • ATP
    • Radio: Tetra
    • Event Recorder (OTMR)
    • Monitoring and control system