Since the beginning of metro operation in Bilbao, CAF has supplied various rolling stock to this metropolitan operator. Amongst others, series 600 towing cars and trains have been supplied.

These are metric gauge trains made up of five cars, four of which are motor and an additional towing car allowing for a final consist of 5 cars. Deliveries were made between 2009 and 2010. The first train was set into passenger service in 2009.

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Technical data sheet

  • CompositionMc-M-M-Mc
  • Train length (mm): 72,120
  • Total Passenger Capacity 718 (6p/m2)
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 80
  • Equipment
    • Saloon and cab air conditioning
    • Video equipment
    • Destination board
    • Train-ground radio-telephone
    • Communication Telephony between cabs
    • Public Address System
    • Station Announcer
    • Event and fault recording equipment
    • Electric door mechanism
    • Deadman Device
    • Wheel Spin and Wheel Slide Protection
    • ATP and ATO equipment (Automatic driving)
    • Emergency ventilation emergency converter