Caracas Metro

Case studies


The supply of rolling stock and the electrification systems for the traction power supply and control of the trains, in addition to spare parts, revamping and upgrading line 1, workshops and control centres, and the distribution of stations.

This 44 km long line is the backbone for the routes in the city of Caracas (Venezuela) with 2 million passengers a day.

CAF has been commissioned to supply the metro units, in addition to revamping and equipping workshops and supplying auxiliary vehicles for line 1.

The total project encompasses:


  • Refurbishment of tracks, sleepers and shunters. A total length of 22 kilometres of double track line (44 km from Propatria to Palo Verde).
  • The construction of yards and workshops, fully equipped for train maintenance and general maintenance services, and rolling stock parking.

Principal and auxiliary energy system

  • Revamping of the principal and auxiliary systems for the whole line 1 of the Metro.
  • Upgrading of the electric sub-stations.
  • Wiring of the whole line.
  • Refurbishment of the auxiliary vehicles used to maintain the complete line.


  • Forty-eight 7-car metro units. The first units for the Caracas Metro with interconnecting gangways between the cars, for better passenger distribution.
  • The train frequency is increased to 90 second intervals between trains, thanks to the new CBTC signalling system (the previous time interval was greater than 3 minutes), leading to a 30% passenger capacity increase.
  • The supply of auxiliary vehicles.

Signalling, communications and ticketing

  • Signalling: Complete upgrading of the line and on-board signalling installations to the latest-generation CBTC system.
  • Communications: Complete installation of the communications system on the line.