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Midway through the previous financial year, CAF announced intentions to establish itself in the United Kingdom where it has recently secured a number of new important deals. Among these, the contract signed with the Arriva Rail North Limited operator for the manufacturing of two fleets of 43 electric trains and 55 diesel trains respectively, as well as the First Group Operator project for the supply and maintenance of 66 passenger cars and 12 5-car electric units deserve particular attention. Both projects total an aggregate amount of 900 million pounds (1 billion euros). The Company is also currently manufacturing 75 cars for the Caledonian Sleeper franchise, which operates transit services between Scotland and London, and these are envisaged to be delivered in 2018.


Since then, CAF has been thoroughly analysing the possibilities to establish itself in the country, searching for a location that could be adapted to meet the company's requirements. These operations were headed up by the Group subsidiary, CAF Turnkey Engineering, with assessment provided by specialist companies in said country, all deemed reputable within the sector.


The most significant factors in this search for the perfect location included the existence, or if applicable, the possibility of a railway network connection, as well as a location perfectly positioned in the country, with qualified staff available in said area.


This study, in which CAF analysed in excess of 100 possible sites in the United Kingdom, finally opted to locate their plant in the Celtic Business Park in the city of Newport, Wales. This is the third largest city in Wales, after the neighbouring cities of Cardiff and Swansea, with a population of 140,000.


CAF will invest an estimated amount in excess of 32 million pounds (38 million euros), an operation in which subsidies will be received via the Foreign Investment Programme of the Welsh Government.


The future CAF plant will be situated on a plot of 46,000 m2. With a workforce expected to amount to as many as 300, this new plant is designed to produce all manner of rail vehicles, performing vehicle assembly and finishing activities as well as all the tests required before commissioning. The plant is also expected to have a significant effect on local suppliers, creating additional indirect employment.


The plant would also enable the Company to tackle new contracts awarded in the United Kingdom, a country in which the company expects to contribute to railway development in the years to come, as well as maintenance and train servicing activities. The plant is expected to be operating by mid-2018.

Finally, the possibility of the future extension of the facilities must be pointed out, a factor that will depend on the aforementioned assignment of a volume of production contracts in the United Kingdom that will require greater production capacity at said facilities.



CAF in the United Kingdom 

In the last few years, CAF has succeeded in expanding the company's operations in the United Kingdom with a broad range of vehicles and services. In the '90s, the company supplied units for the Northern Spirit line in the same region, as well as for the Heathrow Express link from the airport to Paddington Station in London.


More recently, in 2002 and subsequently in 2008, projects have been developed for NIR (Northern Ireland Railways) which include both the manufacture of the trains and the operation of maintenance services for 15 years. In terms of the tram sector, CAF has supplied units to the cities of Edinburgh and Birmingham.


The UK is currently one of the most active and competitive railway markets on the continent where, over the coming months and years, railway franchise renewal processes are envisaged, and CAF has plans to be a player in them.

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