Urban design, Environmentally sustainable

CAF's long-standing experience in the production and implementation of urban transport systems has led to the creation of the Urbos solution, a range of trams with the potential to respond to the most demanding requirements of users and operators alike.

The Urbos family includes trams, LRVs and tram-trains, a whole range of innovative, high-quality products, specifically designed to offer the end user a unique traveling experience.

A low-floor tram

Urbos is a complete low floor tram, making boarding and alighting all the more easier as it is at the exact same height as the platform. The floor height can vary in the Urbos TT and Urbos AXL versions.

Innovative and avant-garde design

The tram can become a characteristic feature, an essential part of a city's identity. The unique, original design of the Urbos, helps to enrich and modernise the image of the city in which it operates, giving the city its own personality.

Urbos features a modern, futuristic interior and exterior design, whilst ensuring a high standard of passenger comfort.

On-board comfort

The Urbos design is focussed on passenger comfort and safety. With this aim in mind, this tram is fitted with seats that have been specially designed for daily use on urban and tram transport. The seats are comfortable, modular, individual, interchangeable, vandal-proof and lightweight.

Furthermore, all Urbos trams are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems to ensure maximum passenger comfort throughout the journey.

Passenger information

Urbos is fitted with interior indicators to keep passengers informed of the route and other details such as arrival times, next stops, connections... Each access platform has an indicator, which coincides with the location of a vertical handhold.

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