Refurbishment and upgrading


  • Project: DMU SFM SERIES 6100
  • Fleet: Six 2-car diesel trains.
  • Segment: DMU
  • Structure Mc-Mc
  • Customer SFM, Spain
  • Scope of refurbishment:
    • - Bogies: overhaul of the bogies, including dismounting the frame components, replacement of the primary suspension springs, removal and press fitting of new wheels, inspection of the axle boxes, bearings and gear units, inspection of the pneumatic and electric components, etc...
    • - Undercar: removal, inspection and repair of undercar equipment, as well as the piping and ducting.
    • - Carbody exterior: the mounting of the roof-mounted air conditioning equipment, carbody painting according to technical specifications, repair of the carbody exterior plating, and removal and inspection/repair of the windows, bellows, gangway doors and cab doors.
    • - Carbody interior: the dismounting, inspection and repair/replacement of seats, luggage racks, windscreens, boards and coatings, control desk, lighting panels and interior linings.
    • - Modifications to the original design: new passenger seating, new alternator unit, front remote indicator, line graphs and PA System.

MC:motor car with cab M:motor car without cab R:trailer car PR:trailer car with automatic piloting.