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What is accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to the ability to access a Web site and its content by as many people as possible, no matter what their navigation context or physical disability

By “navigation context” we mean devices, browsers, Internet connection speed, peripherals, browser or computer configuration, environmental conditions, etc. Whilst disabilities are understood to be visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive.

Declaration of commitment

CAF is firmly committed to the accessibility of its website and aims to ensure that the site contents are available to as many users as possible, regardless of their disability. With this aim in mind, the website uses the standard technologies established by the W3C and complies with the WAI 1.0 Accessibility Guidelines. The use of web standards established by the W3C, such as Transitional XHTML 1.0 for valid mark-up language and cascading style sheets (CSS) for the design, allow for the correct viewing of the website on a number of devices and platforms, and for the adequate printing of its contents. Should you have any questions, suggestions or problems regarding the accessibility of this website, please contact us by sending an e-mail to: caf@caf.net

Conformance icons

The CAF website is compliant with the following points:


Icono de conformidad con el Nivel Doble-A, de las Directrices de Accesibilidad para el Contenido Web 1.0 del W3C-WAIDouble-A Level Conformance Icon, W3C-WAI 1.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Declares that the website has double-A level conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. The link leads to an explanation on the accessibility levels and the use of its icons.


Valid XHTML 1.0 TransitionalValid XHTML 1.0 icon. This declares that the strict XHTML version 1.0 language has been correctly used and that the syntax complies with the grammar of this language. The link leads to the W3C validator.


¡CSS Válido!Valid CSS icon. Declares that the syntax for the cascading style sheets used is correct. The link leads to the W3C cascading style sheet validator.

Navigation aids


Relative units such as text size have been used in this website design. The pages can be viewed in any resolution and users may change the text size if they have this option available.


Click on the sitemap for a list of the pages available on the website.


The breadcrumb trail at the top of the page shows you which website section/subsection you're in.


Hotkeys facilitate browsing and access to the website contents. The following key combinations should be used, depending on the specific operating system:

  • Internet Explorer:
    ALT + Tecla + Intro
  • Mozilla, Firefox y Chrome:
    Alt + tecla
  • Firefox 2:
    Alt + Mayúsculas + tecla
  • Opera:
    Mayúsculas + Esc + tecla
  • Hotkeys
    The following hotkeys are provided for this website:
    • 0 Go to the main menu
    • Go to the search engine
    • 0 Go to the main menu
    • Go to the secondary menu
    • 9 Jump to Content
    • Go to the auxiliary menu
  • And these are the access keys provided for this website if you are on any page other than the home page:
    • 0 Go to the main menu
    • 1 Home
    • Company
    • Products and Services
    • 4 Go to Eco CAF
    • Innovation and technology
    • Train accessibility
    • Shareholders and investors
    • 7 Website map
    • 9 Jump to Content
    • C Contact
  • Jump to the contents
    Users with text-only or voice browsers (screen readers) can jump directly to the navigation menu and content of each page either through the "Go to the main menu" and "Jump to content" links, located at the top of each website page, or by pressing hotkeys 0 and 9 respectively.
  • Images
    Complex images include either a Longdesc attribute or an on-line description that explains the image content in greater detail. Given the fact that not all browsers interact correctly with the Longdesc tag, we've provided direct links to the long descriptions of the images through the [d] link.
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