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    We provide comprehensive mobility solutions tailored to the needs of each customer Front view of a high-speed train

Since CAF was founded, it has been noted for its versatility, flexibility and for its capacity to constantly adapt to the requirements of each and every customer, in all areas.


We are a multinational group with over 100 years of experience in the supply of comprehensive transit solutions positioned at the forefront of technology for high value added sustainable mobility.

The company is a leader of the railway industry offering one of the most comprehensive and flexible arrays of products in railway related markets, such as rolling stock, components, infrastructure, signalling and services (maintenance, refurbishing and financial services).

CAF's committed personnel and the cooperation with our business partners enable us to enhance customer satisfaction and create value for our shareholders.


By drawing from firmly established technological and human resources we are set for growth in the railway industry raising our stake in the largest and most demanding markets worldwide.

We will increase and diversify our comprehensive transit portfolio beyond railways and respond to new social demands for sustainable mobility.

The shared culture of all people at CAF will be instrumental to provide a balanced response to the needs of our stakeholders.

Transport systems

CAF offers comprehensive global rail solutions which, in addition to the supply of trains, includes viability studies, civil work, electrification, signalling, maintenance and system operation in some cases.

Thanks to these integrated projects based on concession or turnkey models, customers are offered a single, global, specific solution, a solution that guarantees the integration and compatibility of all the systems.

Our products can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of each customer, providing safety, comfort and satisfaction to millions of users throughout the world.

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  • Closeness and understanding of our customer's needs
  • Technological innovation and products with a high added value
  • Great flexibility in designing our solutions
  • Compliance with deadlines to guarantee the competitiveness of our customers
  • Commitment to sustainable mobility
  • Excellence in products, processes and interactions with our stakeholders
  • A united workforce committed to our organisation

Product range

CAF designs, manufactures and implements comprehensive transport systems. Its range of products and services includes the following:

  • Urban and long-distance trains
  • Buses
  • Components
  • Signalling systems
  • Services
  • Comprehensive systems and concessions
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The long-term commitment of CAF to its customers has led to an extensive portfolio of services directed at reducing train fleet life cycle costs:

  • Maintenance of vehicles and components
  • Vehicle upgrading and refurbishment
  • Optimum after-sales technical support
  • Equipment of workshops and auxiliary vehicles
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One of CAF's core objectives is to create sustainable transport systems. The company provides new technological solutions to offer some more efficient, eco-friendly means of transport.

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