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EuroMaint, the Swedish based CAF Groups´ railways services provider company, celebrated on Friday 8th of March 2024, the opening of a 35.000 square meters modern maintenance center including a stabling yard and a depot of 7,500 square meters in Nässjö, a strategic location in Sweden, to maintain the new trains that CAF is delivering to Transitio AB for the Krösatåg operations. 


The modern facility will serve to maintain the regional trains that AB Transitio awarded CAF under the terms of a framework agreement signed in 2014 by the Swedish public company relative to regional train purchases. The base contract comprises the production of 20 EMUs (electric units), 4 cars each, and 8 BMUs (biodiesel-electric bimodal units) consisting of 3 cars plus a power car. The contract provides for additional options that could increase the number of units by an additional 19 EMUs and 7 BMUs. The base contract amounts to more than €250 million, a figure that would almost double should all the additional vehicle options included in the contract be executed. 


The depot is equipped with five tracks in the workshop, including a combi hall with automatic wash and de-icing systems for winter seasons. The workshop is also built to facilitate a smooth spare parts supply flow thanks to an automatic paternoster store and 130 square meters of stores. The project featured a sustainability program, with a focus on renewable electricity, eco-friendly materials, sustainable surface water management and minimization of transport journeys. 


“We are heavily investing in the Nordic market. We are creating the Nordic´s flagship railways maintenance depot here by means of our LeadMind advanced digital platform. This revolution in the Swedish railway will bring higher traffic availability and safer work environment”, says Gorka Tamayo, CEO of EuroMaint Gruppen AB. 


In 2019, CAF Group took over the Swedish company EuroMaint - train maintenance sector leader in its country - thereby consolidating its foothold in Nordic countries. EuroMaint has been a benchmark company in the Nordic railway market for many years, with a significant market share in the train fleet maintenance sector, an activity the company combines with the supply of railway components for operators in the region. Its current workforce is around 1,000 people and yearly revenues close to €200 million. 

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