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Right to Attend the Annual General Meetings

Shareholders who own one thousand (1,000) or more Company shares may attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting and take part in the discussions, with the right to speak and vote. Those who hold less shares may group their shares together and be represented by another Shareholder with whom they jointly hold one thousand (1,000) or more shares.

To exercise the right to attend the meeting, Shareholders must have recorded their shares under their own names in the relevant registry of book entries five (5) days prior to the date when the General Shareholders’ Meeting will be held.

In order to physically attend the General Meeting and be part of the quorum, at the entrance to the meeting premises, Shareholders or their proxies must hand over to the Shareholder registration personnel the appropriate attendance or proxy cards, and, if applicable, the proxy accreditation documents, which shall give attendees the right to be included in the list of attendees.

Shareholders may either use the attendance card issued by the depository of their shares or that made available to the shareholders by the Company itself, which shall be published continuously on the corporate website ( from the date that the meeting notice announcement is published until the General Shareholders' Meeting is held.

A certificate issued by any of the participating entities in “Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, S.A. Unipersonal” (IBERCLEAR) may also be used.

At the Company’s convenience, other technical methods deemed appropriate can also be used to record attendance.

Attendance at the General Meeting shall mean the revocation of the vote cast using whatever remote method as well as the revocation of any proxy appointed by any means.

Those people who attend on their own behalf or representing a shareholder must identify themselves with their national identity document or any other generally valid official identification document or by any other means that the Company deems appropriate for this purpose.

In all cases, the Company reserves the right to request shareholders or their proxies to provide any other proof of identification that the Company considers appropriate or necessary to substantiate their capacity as shareholders or proxies, and to guarantee the authenticity of the vote or proxy.