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The CAF Group incorporates a wide range of conventional and electric buses through its Solaris subsidiary into its portfolio of mobility solutions. In this way, CAF is able to provide a better response to the needs of its customers in urban transportation, particularly in electric mobility and multimodal door-to-door solutions.

Solaris has the most extensive conventional bus range in the market. This includes hybrid buses, trolleybuses, buses with batteries and hydrogen.

Among vehicles with conventional drives, Solaris has 3 platforms:

  • Urbino: fully low-floor city buses that combine a stylish design, reliable solutions, the guarantee of safety and eco-friendliness. The Solaris Urbino bus with conventional drive is equipped with engines that meet the highly restrictive Euro 6 norm.
  • Urbino Low Entry: this solution combines the advantages of low and high-floor buses, being suitable not only for use in cities, but also for suburban or interurban services.
  • InterUrbino: this vehicle is designed for intercity bus operation. The InterUrbino can also be adapted for use as a school bus.


Regarding vehicles with alternative drive, Solaris offers the Urbino electric solution within its e-mobilty range. This is an exceptionally quiet, emission-free vehicle, distinguished by its modern design and guaranteeing low operation costs. Thanks to an avant-garde technology, Urbino electric buses can operate for an unlimited time, up to 24 hours a day.

Other vehicles with alternative drives include:

  • Urbino hybrid: this bus is equipped with a driveline consisting of an electric engine or engines and a conventional drive. Using this solution the buses manage to reduce fuel consumption by 20 to 30% on average, compared to a Diesel-fuelled vehicle. The energy storage unit in Urbino hybrids can be both batteries as well as supercapacitators.
  • Urbino CNG: these low-floor city buses are equipped with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) drives. This enables to substantially reduce the emission of noxious substances. The Solaris Urbino CNG constitutes a combination of stylish design, reliable and practical technology and a guarantee of security and environmental-friendly use.
  • Trollino: this is the family of low-floor trolleybuses. These vehicles stand out thanks to their low noise and emission-free operation. Solaris can offer hybrid trolleybuses equipped with additional power reservoirs in the form of batteries of supercapacitors.