Railway wheel warehouse



The train wheel is the star product in our rolling gear range. Thanks to the facilities acquired between 2006 and 2011, CAF is in a position to supply all types of wheels, compliant with the standards and regulations required in the various international markets.

These facilities include new automatic forging lines, machining and inspection cell, ensuring that CAF has the highest accuracy, safety and quality on the market. All this has been decisive in enabling CAF to stand today as a benchmark supplier in the high-speed and locomotive segments at a European level. In addition to supplying wheels for all types of vehicles, our range of wheels includes:

  • Resilient wheels, for noise and vibration damping.
  • Wheels with built-in disc brakes.
  • Noise-damped wheels.
  • Safety and braking wheels, for metropolitan trains with pneumatic tyres.
  • Low stress wheels
Train axle


CAF offers different types of axles for all types of railway stock; ranging from locomotives and high-speed, variable-gauge trains, up to regional, commuter, and metro trains, trams, and freight wagons.

This is a product which requires great responsibility and variability in the design and manufacturing process according to the different trends followed in different countries.

Owing to the supply of axles, over the years in accordance with the different international standard requirements, CAF has a privileged position on the market for the manufacture of axles with increased manufacturing complexity.

Our range of axle bodies includes:

  • Hollow axles
  • Roller-burnished axles (surface cold rolling)
  • Axles with molybdenum thermal spray coated on their seats
Wheelset composition


CAF supplies wheel sets for all types of vehicles, including the latest-generation high-speed trains made by leading global rolling stock manufacturers.

Specifically, the offer of wheelsets includes:

  • Wheelsets for high-speed and very high-speed trains
  • Motor wheel sets for locomotives, railcars, metros and commuter trains.
  • Trailer wheel sets for passenger cars, postal vans and all types of wagons.
  • Variable gauge wheel sets for the BRAVA system.

Our extensive experience, combined with our modern facilities, allow us to supply anything ranging from wheel sets for high-speed rolling stock to low-floor tram bridges, including the assembly of the actual gear units.

Worker polishing a gear-unit


CAF has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the design, development, validation and assembly of gear units.

We can offer our customers all types of gear-units for all types of Rolling Stock:

  • Helical-bevel.
  • .92 1 or 2 606-9
  • Semi-suspended.
  • Suspended.
  • Bevel - Parallel.
  • Parallel bevel.
  • For all types of applications (Trams, Metros, EMU, DMU, Loco and High Speed Train).

The CAF Rolling Gear Unit is the only supplier on the market that is able to assume responsibility for the complete supply of the wheel set for minimal logistics risks and the delivery of a product offering the highest guarantee.

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