• Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading


    • Disassembly of all the equipment right down to the carbody
    • Identification and separation of the components to be refurbished
    • Sorting of all parts not to be re-used, for subsequent recycling or scrap
  • Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading

    Modification and repair of welds and structures

    • Roof repair, if required
    • Any structural repairs that are required
    • All welders are certified to AWS D1.1
  • Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading

    Refurbishment of components

    • Re-used, refurbished components according to the definition of the scope of the work. Doors, auxiliary converter, operator console, lighting, batteries, etc.
  • Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading


    • All the metalwork required
    • Interior, exterior, frame and roof finishes
    • Installation of thermal insulation
  • Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading


    • Installation of pneumatic pipes and pressure vessels
    • Installation of the interior cable conduits and the terminal strips on the frame
  • Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading

    Static tests

    • Complete electrical continuity and high power test
    • Complete static tests of all the systems
    • Levelling of the vehicle
  • Workshop for train refurbishment and upgrading

    Dynamic tests

    • Complete dynamic tests at low speed

Refurbishment and upgrading

CAF executes refurbishment and upgrade projects, designed to comply with the requirements of each and every customer.

CAF can extend the useful life of old vehicles either by updating their systems or by creating new designs. Obsolete equipment is replaced with advanced technical solutions. This ensures that refurbished vehicles achieve improved reliability and availability levels.


  • Extension of the vehicle service life.
  • Improved reliability of the vehicle fitted with new equipment.
  • Improved vehicle functionality, by installing new technologies.
  • Improved vehicle comfort, through new interior equipment.
  • Revamped vehicle appearance.


  • The replacement of systems and their integration on current vehicles. This includes auxiliary equipment such as HVAC, the pneumatic system, and complete train control and traction systems.
  • Overhaul of different sub-systems such as bogies, doors, etc.
  • Structural repairs and carbody conditioning.
  • Redesign of interior components and cosmetic aspects.

Projects focussed on refurbishment

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