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CAF enjoys a long-standing experience of more than 80 years in the design, manufacture and sale of wheel sets, wheels, axles and gear units for the rail market. This extensive range of equipment and components is designed not only for the rolling stock made by CAF, but also for many other rail authorities, other rolling stock manufacturers and the remaining manufacturing companies in the sector.

Our rolling stock solutions are certified to the principal Quality Assurance schemes, such as IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard), ISO 9001, AAR (Association of American Railroads) or RISAS (Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme).

CAF is also approved by the major European rail operators and authorities such as RENFE, SNCF, DB, OBB and SBB amongst others, which has allowed us to strengthen our position as the largest supplier of high-speed platforms in the world.

80 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of wheel sets, wheels, axles and gear units for the rail market

The decided commitment to R&D&I has enabled us to develop new solutions with a higher added value, the most salient being:

  • Specific solutions for resilient wheels for metros and trams.
  • Wheel soundproofing systems.
  • Low-stress wheels for a wide range of diameters.
  • Steel variants and heat treatments specific to each application, in order to optimise the useful life of the wheels.
  • New strategies for the maintenance of gear-units.
  • Gear-units for high-speed, diesel and monorail trains.
  • Axle-bridges for trams, primarily focused on low-floor trams.


CAF supplies an extensive range of equipment and components, not only for its own rail market but also for a number of authorities, manufacturers and external railway suppliers.

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The CAF Rolling Gear Unit offers its customers an After-Sales line, including advice, maintenance and non-destructive test services.

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