CAF is the supplier of the new regional trains for Transport for New South Wales in Australia. The new bi-mode fleet will comprise 117 new carriages forming: 10 regional intercity trains (30 carriages in 3 car sets), 9 short regional trains (27 carriages in 3 car sets) and 10 long regional trains (60 carriages in 6 car sets).

For those travelling on short and long regional journeys, the new fleet will feature two classes, Premium and Economy. Passengers will experience a more comfortable journey, with ergonomically-designed seating, improved accessibility and spacious, open-style buffet areas. Customers will be able to charge their electronic devices from their seats, use stable tray tables to work from laptops and access individual overhead reading lights. Passengers will have access to filtered water, aeroplane-style overhead luggage storage, accessible toilets and toilets with baby changing facilities.

The new regional fleet will be designed to be as accessible and inclusive as possible for customers. All trains will have single deck carriages, wider doors than the current fleet, and accessible spaces for customers using mobility aids, priority seats and accessible toilets. Real-time, internal and external visual displays and announcements will help customers keep track of their journey.

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Technical data sheet

  • Train length (mm): 146,160 / 73,920 / 73,920
  • Total Passenger Capacity 282 / 120 / 190
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 160
  • Equipment
    • Bi-mode configuration
    • Cab and saloon air conditioning
    • Standard and Accessible Toilets
    • CCTV
    • Passenger Information Systems
    • TCMS
    • Event Recorder
    • Ethernet network
    • Seat reservation system
    • ERTMS
    • Fire detection and extinguishing system
    • Internet system for passengers