Integrated Control Centres

Integrated Control Centres

NAOS: Integrated Control Centres

NAOS is the solution offered by CAF Signalling for the Integrated and Multifunctional Control Centres required by current signalling, command and control systems for rail infrastructures.

NAOS is based on the PCCI Integration Platform developed by CAF Signalling, it is differentiated by its facilities for integration and coordination of different railway command and control systems, providing optimised management of the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

The NAOS Integral Control Centres includes not only the integration platform but also the Centralized Traffic Control Centres (CTC), the Energy Control Centres, SCADA systems to manage auxiliary systems, Sensors Control Centres and Maintenance Aid Systems.

The NAOS Integral Control Centres makes railway operations more user friendly, as it can integrate, in a single centre of operations, the various operational responsibilities for safety, reliability, quality and availability.

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