Electronic Interlockings

Electronic Interlockings

QUASAR S4e: Electronic Interlockings

The QUASAR S4e Electronic Interlocking is the base of the company’s signalling solutions. A pioneer in the application of EN-50126 and other derived standards, the QUASAR S4e Electronic Interlocking has evolved to support new functionalities such as the integration of LEU and compatibility with ERTMS systems.

The interlocking integrates self-diagnostic and fault detection mechanisms, as well as the Maintenance Aid System (SAM).

Some of the basic characteristics of the CAF Signalling QUASAR S4e Electronic Interlocking are:

  • SIL4 advanced electronic interlockings in accordance with CENELEC and advanced communications standards.
  • Redundant electronic interlockings, 2 out of 3 high availability architecture, at all levels.
  • Maintenance Support System (SAM) that allows scheduled maintenance to be carried out.
  • The availability of the Moviola function, offering the option to record and playback all the movements, occupation of track circuits, etc.
  • Includes a judicial recorder.
  • Modular construction that allows simple extension, both functional and geographical, and helps adapt the equipment to the size of the station and to its requirements.
  • Use of field simulators which simplify the field tests.
  • Lower maintenance cost.

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