3D model of a Civity train


CAF, together with other CAF group subsidiaries, can supply Turnkey Management Systems for Spares, Components and/or Sub-systems. The Spares Holistic Management System is tailored to suit the specific requirements of each and every customer, including the different options.


  • Management of the procurement and sale of spares.
  • Logistics management of the material at the workshop.
  • Delivery planning based on the workshop activities.
  • Warehouse administration.
  • Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI).

Sempere ComponentsSempere Components

The supply of OEM spares and logistic services for vehicle spares and / or components.

The scope of the service ranges from the supply of specific components to complete contracts for Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI).

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TrainticCAF Power & Automation

A supplier dedicated to the design and production of electric traction equipment for all types of vehicles (Trams, metros, high speed trains…).

  • DC traction units. Traction converters (3000 V, 1500 V and 750 V), combined with filter chokes, brake resistors and traction motors customised for each application.
  • AC traction units. Equipped with a transformer, phase rectifier and wave rectifier to power the traction motor.
  • Control systems. Our software incorporates the most efficient algorithms for optimal control of the application, the power core and cooling.

Supplier of technological solution for Information and Communication Systems in the railway sector.

  • Vehicle monitoring and control system (COSMOS). Based on the vehicle communications TCN standard.
  • Events recorder (ORION). To record the vehicle safety-related parameters required for investigation purposes in the event of an accident.
  • Passenger Information Systems / PA system, entertainment, video surveillance (HERMES).Based on IP technology and standards, to provide complete information to passengers.
  • Wireless interfaces for the on-board Ethernet network (LYNX). To equip the EThernet network with wireless interfaces to provide remote access to the different network systems.
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