Since 2000, CAF has supplied over 500 CIVIA cars for RENFE commuter services. These units are characteristic for modularity, such that trains of two, three, four, five and up to six cars can be arranged to adjust to passenger demand for the various run sections and scheduled times. Furthermore, these trains have been adapted for persons with reduced mobility and being light weight they provide significant energy savings.

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Technical data sheet

  • CompositionMc-T-T-Mc/Mc-T-T-T-Mc
  • Train length (mm): 80,300
  • Total Passenger Capacity 802
  • Maximum speed (km/h) 120
  • Equipment
    • Electric operation 
    • Saloon air conditioning in cab and passenger saloon
    • Lighting
    • Wheel spin protection and wheel slide protection.
    • Automatic station announcer and graphics of active lines, Station warning announcement, Passenger announcements
    • Sander
    • Fire recording central unit
    • Automatic couplers
    • Color video equipment
    • IGBT power electric equipment
    • Mobile radiotelephony equipment for train-ground communication
    • Space for bicycles
    • Space for two wheelchairs
    • Dead Men
    • Front and side (one on each side) destination signs on the exterior
    • Passenger Information
    • Public Address System and background music with compact disc player
    • Unobstructed gangway between cars
    • PMR Ramps (disapled persons)
    • ASFA sustem
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